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Wreath Season


It’s here! Or rather, it’s apparently been here since way back in November. Wreath mania – all you need to do is spend five seconds on Instagram and you’ll know what I mean.

I’m going to make a big confession and tell you I’ve never really been in on the wreath scene. As in there hasn’t been a single wreath in my home, ever. I’ve been that sad, busy person running around Stockmann the night before Christmas Eve because somehow the holidays managed to sneak up on me – even though I absolutely love, love, love Christmas.

So this year I’ve made a solemn pledge to make the most the holiday season even if it kills me. Xmas pillow covers, check. Gingerbread dough in the freezer ready to go, check. Mini Christmas trees in the house, check. Gift list, wrapping paper and ribbons tucked away in the wardrobe, check. Christmas playlists and surge in wine consumption, check.

Holiday wreaths, finally, check.


I set out onto my holiday wreath mission as I do for most new missions: confident in the art of winging it. So that’s what I did.

I didn’t have access to any ideal, bendier branches (willow, birch or grapevine) for my wreath bases so I just foraged the yard and made do with what I had: woody raspberry stems and hydrangea branch which has a pretty, vinelike look to it. I fashioned the bases while the branches were still damp from the snow, which made them workable enough for creating an organic wreath shape using sturdy wire. If you’re like me and not into spending ages wrestling with the wreath bases, totally don’t worry about them being round. They don’t need to be. You can fill in any non-intentional suspicious bits with the greenery, ha.

I’m in love with this fluffy juniper that I used: the deep, blue-tinged hue and the soft, delicate texture. All it needs is a few accent stems to be good to go – I wanted simple, natural wreaths with more of a subdued holiday feel, so I skipped color outside of the evergreen palette. The greens I used are wholesale, but you could easily forage the whole thing.

A note on the wax flower in my photos: it doesn’t dry “pretty” so if you’re expecting to look at white flowers throughout December, skip it. It browns and shrivels when it dries, but I personally like that for the natural look of these wreaths.



I’m not really an arts and crafts kind of person, which is a bit funny as I love to work with flowers. But after three of these, wire and all, I’ve got to admit I’ve now got a new holiday tradition. And as everything, wreathing is even better with a hot cup of foamy coffee and a good playlist. Mission accomplished!

I’m now an official member of wreath mania.



To carry on the holiday flower mood, I’m doing a miniature Christmas pop-up at my friend Amanda’s antique shop (VSE Helsinki + Galerie 1900, Annankatu 11, Helsinki) starting Thursday this week. If you’re in the area, pop in for a seasonal green weekend bouquet or one of these wreaths.

Happy start of the holidays!


New site is live!


Finally live! So happy to re-open my site with all the old clutter cleaned out, a gorgeous new brand by the wonderful Genevieve at Script & Vine (the DIY days are gone at last) and the re-emergence of my long lost blog. I’m not making any promises.. but I’ve been talking about blogging for the past two years or so and now feels like it could finally be the right time.

I meant to hop onto quick maintenance mode with the website and come back with a bang during early spring, but found myself still offline as summer came to an end. So did what may have been my last wedding season: some of you reading will know that I haven’t been booking any more design clients beyond the summer season, which was as amazing as it was rough. I’m so proud of what my team accomplished this summer – I am mostly a one woman show but wouldn’t have been able to do it without my amazing other half for the season, Liisa.

A lot of growth happened, in many ways. It’s time to slow down, recharge, reflect and focus on a number of other ventures, including the floral part of Love June (truly my passion project) and my work as the creative director of a family business.

In just a few weeks artist/photographer Kreetta Järvenpää and I will teach another one of our creative flower workshops as part of Helsinki Design Week – super excited and can’t wait to really get deep into using florals as a creative tool. I hope to bring some of that knowledge and a lot of that passion to this blog, too. Stay tuned for it!

I can’t wait for what’s to come next. Hope you join me for it.


P.S. Please let me know of any functional quirks you may stumble across on the new site! I have no idea what I’m doing.